Business packaging and marketing of an innovative project

Formation of a business plan and targets
Marketing concept
Main tasks
We conduct a study of qualitative
and quantitative parameters of the market
consistent actions to collect information about markets and consumers.

Market research

We develop a system of strategic and tactical marketing for a specific project and market segment, primary marketing attributes: Brandbook, Website, Presentation, Advertising concept.

Marketing strategy

We analyze the investment needs for each stage of the project development.
We define a system of key financial parameters of the business and ways to achieve them.
We carry out engineering of management and business processes, form a quality management system for effective management
We will prepare documentation for certification of services and goods, patenting of developments.

Investment needs

Financial model


and patenting

We form:
  • a business plan,
  • a roadmap,
  • and project targets.
We are developing a strategic and tactical marketing system for the successful implementation of the project and attracting investments.
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